Health Sharing 101- Your Affordable Alternative to Health Insurance

Unfortunately for those who are forced to pay out of pocket health insurance costs, premiums have soared since the Affordable Care Act was initiated.


Obamacare has led to dramatic premium hikes over the last 5 years…


A few 2017 city increase averages include:

  • Birmingham, AL: 71%
  • Nashville, TN: 49%
  • Phoenix, AZ: 145%


Let’s do some math on that, shall we? If you live in Birmingham, Aland your premium was $500/mo it is now $855/mo. That’s a $4,260 annual increase.


If your premium was $1,000/mo. it is now $1,710/mo. That’s a $8,520 annual increase.


What kind of passive income could you and your family build with an additional nearly $9,000 per year?!


Fortunately, there is a legal, more affordable option to health insurance. Introducing, health sharing.


An eligible option under the national healthcare law, health sharing is not insurance, but hundreds of thousands of individuals unite to share in paying each other’s medical bills.


Sounds complicated and perhaps even fishy, but we can assure you health sharing is the real deal and a real opportunity to save a lot of cash that, otherwise, you were throwing away.


In fact, no one in our office has health insurance. Each of us participate in health sharing. That is 5 adults, 3 spouses and 9 children.


Don’t let the idea of health sharing intimidate you. Rather, listen to today’s show to understand if it is a fit for you and your family.


Better yet, dive into the websites of several of the larger sharing groups at the links below.


Resources from Health Sharing Companies:

Samaritan Ministries (Russ and Joey use)

Christian Health Care Ministries (Will and Jonathan use)

Liberty Health Share 

Medi-Share, Christian Care Ministry

Comparison of several groups:

Health Sharing Company Comparisons

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