The 401k vs. The 401 La(k)e House

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Imagine it…


A beautiful May morning. The sun is reflecting off the lake, onto the dock and into your window while its shadows dance on your vaulted ceiling walls which play stage to their performance.


The dew is still on the grass and your 9am coffee just warm enough, but not too hot. Your spouse is snuggled up beside you on the couch with your warmest fuzzy blanket covering your feet. For the time being it’s just the two of you enjoying one another. Within the hour, your kids will be waking up eager to hit the water for skiing, tubing, cliff jumping all before family dinner of burgers and brats.


Despite the happiness that will momentarily bring, it can wait because for now, you are happier than you have been in a long, long time. All because of this place and its benefits to you and your family (benefits of the here and now and the future). All is right in this moment. It’s what you live for.



Compare this to your neighbor back home who is making his way down the driveway to check his mailbox. He has a list full of to-do’s for today including a lawn to mow and a trip to the bank, but atop all of these is a simple walk down the drive way to the mailbox with the kids.


He’s headed to get the monthly statement of fees, balances and performance of his 401(k).



Which of the two scenarios above would you rather live?


That is a trick question. I am 100% aware you (and any other living, breathing human being) will side with scenario #1.


It seems unrealistic though, doesn’t it?


Who in their right mind would stop all 401(k) contributions and redirect them into a lake house? Isn’t that dipping into your “future” or “retirement” money after all? The 401(k) funds shouldn’t be touched until retirement (or so they say).


In today’s episode, we’re sharing the story of a couple who did exactly that.


We’re also sharing the nitty gritty numbers within the results of the strategy. I’m talking average ROR of the market over the time period, ROR of the home and more.


Tune in to the full episode in the player above!

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