How to Keep Top Employee’s Without Paying Them More

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As a business owner, you want more than anything to be successful. You also understand that it would be impossible to reach true success without phenomenal employees. With that in mind, it is vital you have the capability to not only recruit, but also keep top talent.

According to Bloomberg, 45% of businesses with fewer than 100 employees offer a 401k to “incentivize” their top talent or recruit future employee’s…it’s past time you differentiate yourself and begin recruiting and keeping top-tier talent.

In today’s episode of The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast we’re uncovering a better strategy, The Dual Executive Reward Plan, that surprisingly does not involve you paying the employee more but does check all the “wants” for your top employee.

According to the author of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster (one of my favorite books), Darren Hardy, top employees seek five things in order to stick with a company. Surprisingly, competitive pay is last on the list of five.

Through more than a decade’s worth of thorough research, we haven’t found another plan like the Dual Executive Reward Plan.


In today’s episode, you will grasp the one strategy that encompasses each of the top five things your employees seek before committing long-term to your business.


Join us as we uncover:

  • The top 5 things your “A-Player” employees seek (most of which you haven’t thought of…) that must be in place if you want your employees to commit to you and your business.
  • The only strategy that fulfills all 5 of these things that has never resulted in failure within any of the business we work with. Note: This is an underground strategy that almost no one has heard of or used.
  • The 6 ways this strategy directly benefits your business while incentivizing your employee by fulfilling the 5 things he or she seeks for commitment.
  • The #1 way to implement this strategy in your business immediately.



Resources Mentioned in Episode:

  1. (BOOK) The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster
  2. (EBOOK GUIDE): Email info@wealthwithoutwallstreet to access the seven page guide. We promise to personally email it to you in less than 12-hours. If you mention “webinar” we will through in the full blown webinar series for free. 

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