The Perpetual Passive Income Machine

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Who is Santé Real Estate Investments?

The Perpetual Passive Income Machine : A Proven 4 Step Process for Putting an Extra Paycheck in Your Pocket Every 30-Days.

The title of the Founder and managing partner of Santé Real Estate Investment’s book embodies exactly what we are all about at Wealth Without Wall Street.

SANTÉ Realty Investments provides investors with an opportunity to invest in secure cash-flowing real estate without the hassle of finding, acquiring and managing the day-to-day operations of the property.

Through this opportunity, SANTÉ Realty enables accredited investors to earn passive income through carefully selected and highly profitable real estate investments. As you know from listening to our show, passive income = income you did not have to work to earn. Real estate opportunities like Santé Realty is one source of passive income.


Who is the guest, Jim Small?

Jim is the founder of SANTÉ Realty Investments. Prior to starting SANTÉ Realty Investments, he founded, ran and sold a property management company in the southwestern U.S. Mr. Small raised millions of dollars in growth capital, systematized the business, and sold it for a substantial profit. During his tenure at this company, he oversaw the property management for a 10,000 residential unit portfolio valued at over $2.5 billion.

Jim previously served as an executive for the world’s largest corporate consulting firm, Accenture, while living in the United States and Europe, and achieved performance rankings in the top 5% and receiving several promotions ahead of schedule.

He holds an active Arizona real estate Broker’s license as well as holding the Equity Marketing Specialist™ designation from the National Council of Exchangors. He is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

His educational background includes an MBA from Thunderbird International School of Management where he graduated with honors and a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. Mr. Small’s professional accomplishments also include the “Top 35 Under 35″ Arizona Republic Entrepreneurial Award and the “Top 40 Under 40″ Phoenix Business Journal Leadership Award. He currently resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and 3 children.


A Strategic Way to Build Wealth Without Wall Street

Rather than building a financial strategy based on hope, Santé Realty follows a 4-Step proven method with in-depth, due dilligence discovery around the acquisition of their properties.

It’s simple, really. As a contributor, Santé walks you through 6-steps.

  1. Santé finds highly profitable real estate properties to purchase
  2. Investors contribute to the property by sending capital
  3. Santé collects rent from tenants and manage the properties
  4. Santé deposits payments each month into contributors bank account
  5. Santé returns contributors capital through a refinance of the property after 3-4 years
  6. Contributors continue to cash-flow from the property


To hear the full details of Santé’s perpetual passive income machine, tune in to today’s episode featuring founder and managing director, Jim Small.

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