Controlling Your Wealth Without Wall Street

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The Emotion Alongside Wall Street:

Why do people subject themselves to the ups & down’s & emotional drain that is Wall Street? It truly is emotionally draining. Don’t believe it? Wait until the market is up & everyone around you is preaching “Buy, Buy, Buy!” You may feel the pressure to buy only for the fear of missing out on what could be an opportunity.


That’s emotions taking over. It’s also why Wealth Without Wall Street was created.


The Goal of Wall Street:

By now you know the Wall Street Mindset & its goal to have you buy in emotionally, get your money, keep getting your money, keep it as long as possible and make it as hard as possible to get it back.


What isn’t spotlighted at is how Wall Street markets this as a good thing. The majority of financial advisors out there pitch the idea of “locking your money away for up to 30 years as an advantage, because you won’t spend it”, instead of focusing on the plan being in a penalty stage for up to 80% of its life.


The Wall Street Brand

According to a study by, 90% of purchases we make are made emotionally. How about those Hardee’s commercials with supermodel’s eating sloppy, calorie stuffed cheeseburgers? There is absolutely NOTHING sexy about eating a fat cheeseburger & Hardee’s knows that.


Instead of focusing on how you feel after eating a cheeseburger (yuck), they subconsciously allow you to relate what you think about the super model with eating at Hardee’s. Yet, I can guarantee you we will not look like these models by eating their burger, nor do these people look that way because they eat there.


Wall Street personifies itself as a sexy opportunity. Combine that with getting you emotionally involved & we’ve got a dangerous, but brilliant, business model.


Hear all of the details on how to control your wealth without Wall Street in the episode above.



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