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Entrepreneurs: This one is for you! How to Get Started in Marketing your Business.

Have you started your own business?  Do you even know where to begin when marketing your business?  Well, this week, we are here to provide you some advice when it comes to marketing. 


Marketing your business…are you overwhelmed when you hear this phrase?  Marketing is a critical part of your business: It is not just an expense, it is an investment in your business.  Marketing affects your pricing, promotions, advertising expenditures, and your overall sales.


Don’t worry…you do not have to be an expert to get started!  Even the expert had to research and gain more knowledge on this subject as well.  In Podcast Episode 36, Corbitt came from a corporate firm that focused on Brand Messaging.  Then he became the VP of Marketing at Iron Tribe Fitness, and the company wanted to utilize digital marketing.  Corbitt had to shift gears and start learning how to effectively use digital marketing.    


A great article for beginning your marketing journey as a small business owner is “First Steps to Marketing a Small Business.”  In this article, it discusses the necessary steps that a budding entrepreneur show follow.  In short, you first need to do some market research before determining your prices and a marketing budget.  By using your marketing research, you will be able to craft your marketing message.  Secondly, you need to determine how to market your product or service.  Finally, you can create your 90-day marketing plan that also implements your predetermined marketing budget.


What if you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget?  Well, here are some ideas from “22 Marketing Tactics for Limited Budgets.” You can recycle some of your old content, consider partnerships with a business related to your industry, or engage in networking. 


This week’s podcast episode features Digital Marketing Master, Corbitt Chandler.  Corbitt offers some very interesting and helpful advice on how to get started in digital marketing.  As a small business owner, you need to track your results.  See what marketing strategies are working and toss out which ones are not.  For a successful marketing campaign, you need to determine your message, media, and market.  To help create your message, view past campaigns and see what language your customers used in responding.  For your upcoming campaign, you can use your client’s language to help craft your new message. Do not focus on your brand, rather focus your message on what you can offer to your clients.  Try to use “you” and “we” statements in your messaging.  When you create an ad, always have something to offer to your potential customer!


Corbitt’s Top Three Things to Do:

  1. Figure out your routine/regimen
  2. Don’t be afraid of digital marketing. Learn and research some of the topics for yourself and your business.
  3. Track everything! Use your marketing budget wisely. Keep strategies that work and move on from the ones that don’t. Use that leftover money to reinvest in your business elsewhere.


Do you have any great marketing ideas that you would like to share? Post them below in the comments section!

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