Emotional Investing: The Stock Market Roller Coaster

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What This Episode Is About

We’ve all seen the devastating effects of a market crashing. It causes people lose their money, houses, jobs, and families. So, why do people still continue to invest in the stock market?

People who sell stocks really do have it down to an art. They play on your emotions and convince you that if you just play the game long enough, eventually you’ll come out on top. Unfortunately, as they say in Vegas, the house always wins.

In this episode, we’re explaining why you should avoid the roller coaster of emotions that is the stock market and, instead, objectively choose your investments and build your wealth via passive income and whole life insurance policies.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • What an evening at the casino taught Russ about the risks of gambling with your money
  • The importance of objectively investing your money without letting emotions in
  • Why people continue to invest in the stock market even though they’ve seen it crash time and time again
  • How a diamond mine sucked Joey into a bad decision
  • How Russ’ condo is the perfect example of why we should never invest out of fear
  • Using the passive income formula and whole life insurance policies to create wealth the smart way


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