Don’t Run out of Money! Avoid the Biggest Pitfall in Retirement

What This Episode Is About

With less and less companies offering pension plans, and the fact they’re not actually as great as they seem, what can you do to make sure you don’t run out of money during your retirement?

Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence and it’s entirely possible that it can happen to you if you haven’t planned properly.

By planning properly, we mean getting away from Willy Wall Street and, instead, distributing your assets now so you have plenty of cash later.


Mentioned In This Episode:

  • How driving down a mountain in Hawaii is a perfect metaphor for retirement
  • What pension plans taught us about how we need to plan for our retirement
  • Why you need to reverse engineer your retirement plan, so you know where to put your money now
  • How the Wall Street model is in direct conflict with retirement
  • How the Infinite Banking Concept allows you to create your own version of pension plan


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