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Don’t Make the Same Mistakes As Me

-Russ Morgan

The transformative moment

They say you never forget life-changing moments.

The year was 2009.  A financial advisor with 4 years under my belt, I was relishing my CFP® Certification and enjoying a round of golf, when the Dow Jones Industrials dropped a stunning 800 points.  That kind of dramatic drop changed lives, reversed fortunes, and taught harsh lessons.  I was among those who learned from this seismic event.

An unsettling, frightening, life changing market drop

My training up to that point had consisted of basic financial planning techniques that, in theory,  would help investors make money for the future; navigate some of the tax rules in place; while trying to match their risk tolerance to appropriate investments.  Admittedly, I couldn’t be an expert or delve deep into the inner workings of the stock market or the 7000 mutual funds that existed. When the market dropped suddenly and significantly, it frightened me.

I sought to understand what had happened and more importantly why it happened. I had no idea that the market could react that way and even worse I didn’t know what would stop it from happening again.

As a full time CFP® practitioner, I invested significant amounts of money in a stock market that was volatile and unpredictable.   All my training taught me to direct investor’s carefully acquired funds into the stock market, only to witness fortunes lost instantaneously.  The risk models and market theories that were taught seemed broken and I was frightened, and not alone.  Most advisors, if they dared to tell their darkest secret, would admit to feeling the same fear I was experiencing.

This for me was a turning point.

I had to learn how to help my clients save money and not pour their investments down a drain. The terms “saving” and “investing” now are so obviously different to me that I encourage you to see the difference if you haven’t already.

Startled and determined, I sought a better way.

In January of 2009 while attending a continuing education conference, I listened, transfixed, to a successful economist speak about his formula for financial success. I was being exposed to what other financial advisors referred to as a common sense economics. Common sense!  Now this is something I could relate to! It’s something I felt most of my clients could relate to also. I listened closely.

The bases of discussion revolved around helping people save money and borrow money from a financial product that had been around for 200 years. (The speaker referenced utilizing a dividend-paying whole-life insurance policy from a Mutual Life Insurance Company.) The speaker advised people to use the life insurance policy as a warehouse for their wealth not as a death benefit instrument like so many have taught. He gave examples of those building on this foundation and using the cash values within their businesses to expand as well as using the cash values to eliminate loans of all variety. What better investment could you make than one that is within the field that you understand and navigate each and every day? He called this process, “Becoming Your Own Banker or the Infinite Banking Concept.”

It was not easy for me to unlearn some of the financial myths I had held as truths but I did. My family implemented this concept in 2009 and has used it to take over auto loans, and business loans. In addition to paying off outside lenders we have used it to grow our family financial and dental practices. Since 2009, I have helped individuals, business owners and family’s take over $13,0000,000 of loans through dividend paying whole-life policies at mutually held insurance companies.

This new found HOPE drives my passion to share this concept and its power with others who feel overwhelmed by the noise in the financial world and who would seek to have more control over their money.

I challenge you to discover more about this strategy through this online portal of education that we have built for you. Allow us to be a hub of education to feed the hunger of your financial knowledge. If you haven’t already, you need to register for Infinite 101 to get a range of materials to learn at your pace anywhere, anytime.

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