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Don’t Ask Permission to Grow Your Business

You are a business owner- as a real estate agent, home builder or lender you are an entrepreneur from the start. You have been in this trade for years, and know that an expansion of your business will succeed- you have more than proven yourself in your current business. However, it seems like your interrogating bank is clearly not as confident as you.


When seeking a business partner wouldn’t you like for that person to be confident in your business plan? You aren’t the only one who has been in this position. Discover how, through an uncommon plan, you can operate and grow your business without being controlled by your banks “generous” business loan.


After all, you opened your business to be in business for yourself- not for the bank. Here’s how to make that happen.


When you understand our countries banking system and how banks operate it is easy to see that banks are not truly in business to assist you, they are in business to make an obscene profit, and you should be too.


We work with those associated with the housing market across the Southeast to teach them a plan that allows them to be truly independent within their business. That means to operate without a bank.


  1. Apply for a loan at a local bank and work to convince them your business plan will succeed

          a. Pay back the loan at a certain rate, and time period determined by the bank

  2. Round up individual investors and sell them on your business plan

          b. Give up partial ownership in your business

  3. Borrow money from a mutual insurance company, while your money continues to grow

          c. Pay back yourself at your own pace


The business owners and professionals we work with were all pursuing option #1 and #2 before they found independence through our teachings. After educating themselves on how to do this, they now borrow money from insurance companies (while their money continues to grow) for:


  • Personal Line of Credit for project and equipment funding

  • To pay their taxes

  • Pay off debts to creditors

  • Taking advantage of investment opportunities when the time is right


You’re in business to do it for yourself, not for the bank or anyone else. We want you to feel the true power of control. Begin growing your business without the bank. Reach out to Wealth Without Wall Street today to schedule a consultation on how this can work for you.

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