A Conversation with The Top Minds in the Infinite Banking Community

What This Episode Is About We hear about the success stories of those using the Infinite Banking Concept, but often forget that the people behind the success are very much like us. Did they ever have the doubts we may be having now? Do they have any regrets that we could learn from? On this…

Leverage the Power of Community

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What This Episode Is About A sense of community is a powerful force in bringing people together. Whether through family, friends, church, or something else, most people have some sort of personal community that they are a part of. How can we use the same spirit of community to our advantage in our business? On…

Invest In Your Business: Best Practices for Attending Events & Masterminds w/Jason Will

What This Episode Is About One thing that makes a huge difference both in business and our personal lives is our willingness to commit to lifelong learning and self-improvement. Why is it important to attend live events? How do we make sure we’re getting the most out of our event attendance? How do we avoid…

The Hierarchy of Wealth

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What This Episode Is About When it comes to financial products, there’s always someone vying for our attention, and it can leave us unsure of what steps to take. What is the process we can follow to be sure we’re making good decisions? What should our jumping-off point be when we’re trying to get financial…