Balancing Life, Business, Franchises and More with Ashley Kaple

What This Episode Is About

Ashley Kaple is a mother of three young children and the franchise owner of 13 McDonald’s locations with over 1,000 employees!

In this episode, Ashley talks about how she was introduced to entrepreneurship by her parents at a very young age, the struggle of finding the balance between being a good professional leader and a good parent, how the McDonald’s franchise business model differs from others, and so much more!

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Ashley’s introduction to entrepreneurship as a child thanks to her parents
  • The number one thing that helps Ashley run 13 McDonald’s locations while raising three young children
  • A day in Ashley’s life
  • How Ashley’s parents are her mentors
  • The difference between McDonald’s franchise business model and others
  • Is the customer really always right?
  • What the future holds for Ashley
  • The most challenging parts of Ashley’s business
  • The actions Ashley takes in her personal life that make her a better professional leader
  • How our professional lives can impact our children in a positive way
  • The simple shift Ashley’s family made that help everything run more smoothly


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