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Bitcoin and the Potential Stock Market Crash with Economist Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast

What This Episode Is About Robert Murphy, PhD, is an Economist, a Research Assistant Professor at the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University, the co-author of numerous books, and the host of two different podcasts. In this episode, we talk about whether or not the stock market is getting ready to crash, should we…

The Greatest Overlooked Passive Income Opportunity: Family Banking


What would it look like if you could both grow and maintain wealth within your family?   Unfortunately, as we discussed in episode013 (listen here) Wall Street has separated us from our wealth and encourages us to take the easy way out by leaning on banks for lines of credit and loans.   They have…

5-Steps to Becoming Your Own Banker

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What does BECOMING YOUR OWN BANKER even mean?   Why would anyone need to be their own banker?   The terms “infinite banking concept” and “becoming your own banker” are passed around often as it relates to financial planning. At its core, Infinite Banking revolves around properly structured whole life insurance policies and utilizing the…

A Road Map to a Richer Legacy

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Often times we’re told, “you’re not a billionaire…why would you worry about building a legacy”?   It’s not just about the money left behind.   Legacies can be left on all levels and can be extremely simple (i.e. Brandon’s socks in today’s episode).   As entrepreneurs, we want to be remembered, honored and respected. We…