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Which Generation Can Gain Financial Freedom Quickest?

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Which generation do you think can achieve financial freedom quickest? The Millennials? Gen X? Or Boomers? It comes with no surprise to know each generation has its own set of needs, wants and desires. Let’s list out a few of them for each generation. This will help you determine an opinion of your own on…

Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Game in Real Life

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Do you agree that sometimes the simplest way to learn things is to simplify them as best possible and begin understanding there?   In 2016, we discovered a game that changed (really more confirmed) our perspective of financial coaching. It’s called The Cash Flow Game and it was created by real estate tycoon, Robert Kiyosaki.…

Debunking the 15-year Mortgage Myth

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In episode #09 of the podcast, we covered the monstrous benefits of compounding interest (you can tune in to the episode here). If you understand compounding interest you understand the importance of selecting how to fund lifes major purchases (like a home). There are many creative mortgage products out there… Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate…